Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lincoln  Early Childhood Council (CKLECC)
Fun Tote Program

If you haven't had a chance to participate in the  CKLECC Fun Tote Program now is the time! The program is an educational opportunity designed to promote parent/caregiver interaction and to help monitor developmental milestones in kids.  The program offers a variety of totes or  backpacks to be checked out to use at home.   The Fun Totes are for ages 0-8 and offer a variety of categories to choose from such as:  science, math, reading, social emotional,  dramatic play, healthy living and more.

The program is funded by the Buell Foundation.    


Tote Locations:

Limon Memorial Library
Lincoln County Bookmobile
Hugo Public Library
Eads Public Library
Cheyenne Wells Public Library
Kit Carson Public School,
Plainview School and  Cheyenne Wells Preschool are participating locations.

For more information, to become a tote location
or to
be a program sponsor please contact:
Julie Witt , CKLECC Coordinator,
at 719-
775-9728 or

For information on the importance of developmental
milestones visit
New Revised Fun Tote Program
Parent/Caregiver Survey

Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lincoln Early Childhood Council (CKLECC)
Julie Witt, Council Coordinator, 719-775-9728 (office),
PO Box 235, 455 1st Ave., Limon, CO 80828