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Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lincoln Early Childhood Council (CKLECC) Julie Witt, Council Coordinator, 719-775-9728 (office), PO Box 235, 455 1st Ave., Limon, CO 80828
Becoming a Licensed Provider Becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Provider is an exciting career move which offers you the opportunity to be at home with your own children, and to provide appropriate care and guidance for other children in your community. Licensed Family Child Care Providers can earn income for their families while providing an invaluable service for the community. The process takes time and planning is the key to success as you consider everything from policies and procedures to ordering supplies and setting up your child care environment. Prior to applying for a Family Child Care Home License Read the 7.701 General Rules for Child Care Facilities, 7.707 Rules Regulating Family Child Care Homes, and 7.719 Rules Regulating Special Activities. Zoning supersedes Licensing. Confirm you are in compliance with local zoning, building or planning ordinances and request documentation from local authorities as needed.​ Check with your Home Owners Associations or Community Covenants to assure that Family Child Care is allowed and request documentation as needed. As you consider becoming licensed, it’s important to know that child care professionals must meet new and ongoing training requirements. The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) has developed a licensed child care provider required training tool. The OEC is working hard to offer all required training for free online through the Professional Development Information System (PDIS).  For Cheyenne, Kiowa and Lincoln Counties Contact: Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lincoln Early Childhood Council (CKLECC) at 719-775-9728 or  Visit the Colorado Office of Early Childhood website for full details on the application process including links to the application packet, fingerprint cards, licensing fees, and background check information. Ready to pursue becoming licensed? CKLECC is here to assist! Attend the 15 hours of Pre-Licensing Training: Pre-Licensing Training dates and locations to be determined.  Contact, CKLECC Coordinator Julie Witt, at 719-775-9728 or for more information. Exemptions from 15 hours of Pre-Licensing Training: All persons with a State of Colorado Director Certification, 2 year or 4 year degree IN Early Childhood Education are exempt from Pre-licensing training but must have Standard Precautions and Medication Administration, and current CPR/First Aid certification. New Child Care Licensing Laws Effective August 9, 2017 Two new child care licensing laws went into effect August 9, 2017. These are changes to state statute, and are NOT a result of updates to child care licensing rules. Portability of Background Checks for Child Care WorkersHouse Bill 17-1135 made Trails background checks portable between child care or preschool locations operated by the same governing body, similar to Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) checks. Accessibility of Exempt Family Child CareSenate Bill 17-110 increased the number of unrelated children a home-based caregiver can watch without obtaining a child care license from the Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Early Childhood. The change allows a home-based child care provider to care for four (4) or fewer children ages birth to 18 years old and no more than two (2) of the children are under the age of two (2) years old. The children are not required to be related to each other or to the caregiver. If the provider is caring for their own children, their children is included in the four (4) children limit. Learn more about the new statutes.