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Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lincoln Early Childhood Council (CKLECC) Julie Witt, Council Coordinator, 719-775-9728 (office), PO Box 235, 455 1st Ave., Limon, CO 80828
Mental Health is a Key Part of Overall Health We all have mental health – even babies!  Just as physical health enables us to have the energy we need to work and live our lives, mental health allows us to have positive relationships, cope with life’s challenges, and manage our emotions. Just as we take care of our children’s physical health with nutritious foods, plenty of rest, and safe environments, we must also take care of their mental health.  We can do this by actively supporting their social-emotional development. What is Social-Emotional Development? The process of learning these social and emotional skills begins at birth, as infants build attachments and trust with caregivers, learn how to calm themselves down, and later, to recognize emotions. Like any skill, children develop social and emotional abilities gradually – with lots of support from caregivers as they learn. Social-emotional well-being allows children to manage and express emotions in healthy ways, form close relationships, and learn. Community Mental Health Resources Children’s mental health is critical to their overall health.  It is normal to have concerns and questions about children’s behavior and development.  There are resources in our community to help. Lincoln County: Visit the link below to find a list of local resources in Lincoln County - Cheyenne County: Centennial Mental Health 80 E. 1st Street Cheyenne Wells, CO  719-346-8183 Kiowa County: Southeast Health Group 711 Barnes Avenue La Junta, CO 81050 800-511-5466 100 Kendall Drive Lamar, CO 81052 800-511-5466