What is CKLECC?      CKLECC is the Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Lincoln Counties Early Childhood Council. What does the Early Childhood Council do? The Early Childhood Council works to improve and sustain the availability, accessibility, capacity and quality of early childhood services for children and families in the counties of Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Lincoln The Council focuses on three domains of early childhood: Family Support & Education Health & Well-Being Learning & Development
Early Childhood Colorado provides a framework that: Recognizes the needs of the whole child and family. Communicates the vision for comprehensive early childhood work. Focuses on specific measurable outcomes. Guides, organizes, and focuses the actions and accountability of public and private stakeholders.
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Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lincoln Early Childhood Council (CKLECC) Julie Witt, Council Coordinator, 719-775-9728 (office), PO Box 235, 455 1st Ave., Limon, CO 80828